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Nobody wants to be around a broke chick

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India Trotter

India Trotter

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India Trotter

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Warning: This piece contains some explicit language.
I was driving around listening to one of my favorite songs; singin’ all the the expletives, negativisms and not so woman friendly words. Waving my hands from side to side, “these ho’s ain’t loyal”. Yeah, I am still a Chris Brown fan [teeth suck]. Wait! Let me turn my favorite part up. Sing it Chris Breezy! “I can make a broke bitch rich but I don’t fuck with broke bitches.” That is some genius lyricism right there. Now I feel you giving me the side eye. Stop it. Okay, I am still a work in progress when it comes to the utilization of the word “bitch” when speaking of women but errrrr it’s musical expression; art [blank stare]. And [well] Chris Brown just said what many men and [heck] women want to say but are fearful of being judged. Well, let me be one of the first non-famous folks to say [and you heard it here] nobody wants to be around a broke chick. I know you all are like this chick [you probably want to call me a bitch] has lost it. But have I [raised eyebrow]? Lemme tell you a thing or two.

The words “broke” or “broken” will lead you to definitions such as reduced to fragments, not functioning properly, out of working order, infringed or violated, destroyed and interrupted regularity. Do you know a woman who fits that description? Tell the truth and shame the devil. We all do [teeth suck]. Heck we may even have been her or are her. Half the women we see on Reality TV are stinkin’ rich but at the end of the day they are [you guessed it] broke. A broke woman is clearly out of order; she can not reign in the emotions that make her act out. A broke woman has let life and the circumstances of such destroy her; taking away her ability to trust, making her miserable, hardening her heart, making her spirit mean. You know that woman you have met that is simply mean for no apparent reason. Yeah, we normally walk away from a conversation with, “she needs some wood in her life” [blank stare]. The bottom line is even some wood would [tongue twister] not make her happy. It was probably some wood that dwindled her fire; her spark – broke her [side eye]. Maybe or maybe not. Whatever the case may be, who wants to be around that? Nobody! The broke woman complains, is selfish, is ungrateful and is not happy with herself so she definitely can not be happy with anyone else. You know the girlfriend who nobody wants to invite to girls night because all she does is friggin whine, complain or make a scene? Oh now you have no idea of what I am talking about. Maybe that “girlfriend” is you [raised eyebrow]. Can you say broke? What about the cray or, as we will refer to it in this piece, the “interrupted regularity” that I mentioned earlier. For those who do not know the word “cray” derives from the word crazy. When a women introduces cray she is broke. So true confession, cray is my “broke” of choice. I personally can feel when I am about to slip into “not so sane” mode [wide eyes]. Yep, I can admit I have my moments that I dabble in being a broke chick. Admitting is half the battle. I, too, am a work in progress. My nostrils flare, my blood pressure soars up making me light headed and I have really bad thoughts; thoughts of burning down entire neighborhoods, throat punches and eye gouging to name a few. Speaking from experience [blank stare], those type of behavior displays that will make anyone do an about face. So one must gather their thoughts and regain control. I have become rather good at that; the regaining control piece [I digressed]. There are women who have been violated by circumstances and situations that they can not mentally let go. They are now stifled and unable to grow in friendships or relationships; broke. You know her. The woman who thinks that all men are dogs. Stop it! Only half of them are. I am just kidding fellas. I think [lip curl]? I could continue on and on but I think I have driven my point home.

Let me bottom line this for you. Being a broke chick is not really contingent on how much money you do or do not have. Broke is about your mental state. The baddest and richest chick can be the most broke; using her flash to disguise her insecurities, inabilities and inhibitions. So I hear you saying to me, “but India that is not what Chris Brown was talking about”. I ask you are you sure he wasn’t [raised eyebrow]? I mean, after all, he said that he could make a “broke bitch rich”. But after he throws all his money at her guess what, she’s still a broke chick and he [Chris Breezy] doesn’t eff with broke chicks. Okay maybe Chris was talking about money. I dunno. What I do know is that money is typically not a game changer. Your attitude is. In my mind [again, in my mind] that is what Chris was saying and that is why that part of his song is my favorite. I have no desire to be around no whining, complaining, miserable, mean, unhappy cray chick. I promise you that it is not just me that thinks this way. Broke chicks are vibe killers, de-motivators and [if not careful] will suck you into their world; making you one of them. No thank you miss. You can keep that right over there. If you are a dabbler in “broke”, like me, work on changing that. I know I do. Count to ten. Remove yourself from the situation. Put the gasoline and the matches down [blank stare]. What? Change your outlook, change your attitude, re-vamp your thoughts and ideas about life. If you recognize that you are broke then sit your broke butt down somewhere and work on you. There is hope! There is a turn around. There is enlightenment. There is something positive to grab onto to bring you out your current slum. Only you can fix it. Until you do nobody wants to be around you; not for real… or for play.

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