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India Trotter

India Trotter is the owner of, an online blog-site with a tagline "Real Talk by Real People". She no stranger to freelance article and online writing. She writes as she speaks so to draw you in; touching on topics of everyday life, personal growth and emotional development. She is very forthright with her delivery; straight no chaser. A long time native Philly resident who was raised in San Diego, California - She shows a bi-coastal way of thinking; more like, a beach bum attitude with an East Coast edge. She has a degree in Business Administration but in her mind that equates to a degree in Psychology [blank stare]. Her advice and rhetoric comes from life experience and common sense; which is apparently not so common. Read her blogs on, the Pointed Circle featured on, and tune in to hear her co-host the online radio show GirlTiniLive Uncensored on
India Trotter

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I have been grappling with what to write next. You know how I do. I am probably the most decisive indecisive person you know; oh, the oxymoron. I really wish that I had a pre-planned syllabus on what to discuss with you all. The truth of the matter is that I have to be inspired by a situation. I have been on my Lazy Daisy, anti-social, really do not feel like being bothered mode; no situations. With the void of instances comes writers block. And so I sit here and tap my pencil. I stare up to the heavens and ask my supreme diety to provide me rhetoric to spew to the masses so that I remain relevant in the world of blog [teeth suck]. I must be the Moses of blog because as soon as I spoke to Him [my supreme diety], He spoke to me. Or is that I’m just a little perturbed over the much ado about something or other in my Facebook feed? Either way, I have found my voice; for this week, at least. In lieu of many happenings in the world today I want to take a moment to discuss accountability. Yeah, some of y’all are definitely not gonna like me today [in my preacher voice]. To that I say, take a number. Next!

One of the biggest problems that I see in our world today is the lack of ownership of one’s shit. Yeah, I cursed. You see how I owned that? [I digressed] Own your shit people. Stop making the reaction to your action the infraction. Do you need me to say that again? Murphy’s law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Wait, I think that belongs to Newton. Heck, whoever’s law it is you get what I am saying. In laymen’s terms you can not do and expect nothing to be done. Without a doubt you can not do nothing and expect that something will be; done that is.

Many believe that the biggest challenges we are facing are racism, sexism, poverty, hunger, crime and so on and so forth. I concur. You get no argument out of me there. These test to humanity are upsetting. They are angering. They are unfortunate. They are crippling. They are, however, smoke and mirrors. At the root of all of those named issues and circumstances is the grandioso of los grandes, the lack of accountability. The void of ownership. Many of us [and I’ll include myself] are culpable. You have heard the saying, if you are not apart of the solution then you apart of the problem. Now before you go getting all up in arms I need you to sit back and mull over that concept for a minute. The complexities that we [as a community] face are simply at are own hands or lack therof. Okay, maybe I am not talking about you and your community [lip curl]. Or am I?

Accountability should not start with a picket sign. Ownership should not begin with a protest. That is the means to an end. Be careful not to confuse what I am saying here. I am not saying that picket signs and protest are not displays of accountability and ownership. Au contraire. It is both on a huge scale. You are standing for something that you strongly believe in. Kudos and hand claps to you for taking a stance. Most recently and under normal circumstances it is at the wake of something that could have been avoided if we exerted the same efforts much sooner. Racial injustices? Many of them we allow. We do not exercise the power of our dollar or the absence of such. We do not exercise the power of our vote. Many have concluded that one additional vote simply does not matter; will not make a change. Sexism? Much of it we allow. Poverty? We could overcome but we’re a selfish people so we [again] allow. We give to Gucci and Louis but our neighbor is without a coat. And yes, we are our brother’s keepers [raised eyebrow]. Hunger? Not only are we selfish, but we are additionally wasteful and we allow it. Crime? We sit back [quietly] and allow. No snitches right [teeth suck]? We all play apart of a grander scheme to which we hold responsibility. Oddly when the opportunities rise in the beginning to thwart off the situations that plague America’s communities [in our own backyards] our sense of allegiance is [well] null. Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

Let me help you! The “beginning” of your social responsibility looks like being a member of a community watch, feeding the hungry, mentoring a youth, involving your children in PAL [the Police Athletic League], refusing to patronize, ¬†picking up the trash in front of your house, saying hello to your neighbor, donating unused clothing, voting, knowing your congressman/woman, teaching your children “please” and “thank you”, demanding quality produce, protecting our elderly, visiting the Megan’s law offenders site for your neighborhood [be aware], volunteer at shelter, be vigilant,… get involved… before the tragedy. Again, the tragedy is simply the smoke and mirrors to a much bigger problem to be solved. Will you be apart of the solution?

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