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India Trotter

India Trotter

India Trotter is the owner of, an online blog-site with a tagline "Real Talk by Real People". She no stranger to freelance article and online writing. She writes as she speaks so to draw you in; touching on topics of everyday life, personal growth and emotional development. She is very forthright with her delivery; straight no chaser. A long time native Philly resident who was raised in San Diego, California - She shows a bi-coastal way of thinking; more like, a beach bum attitude with an East Coast edge. She has a degree in Business Administration but in her mind that equates to a degree in Psychology [blank stare]. Her advice and rhetoric comes from life experience and common sense; which is apparently not so common. Read her blogs on, the Pointed Circle featured on, and tune in to hear her co-host the online radio show GirlTiniLive Uncensored on
India Trotter

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It has been way too long since I have connected with you, my reader, on the Pointed Circle. I do not have a really good excuse but I do have one. I have been on a world tour to jump start my 2015 off in a positive direction. I look to be 100% more successful this year than I was last. I am taking no prisoners. I am grabbing the bull by the horns. I am seizing the moment. I am friggin’ making moves. So it stands to reason with all the moving and shaking I call myself doing that I have really just been all over the map [blank stare]. What? You know I have adult ADHD [teeth suck]. I am focused and unfocused all at the same time. Has that ever happened to you? I know where I want to get to but getting there; did not really think that through. It is all shots in the dark. I am rolling through like gang busters, though, and seemingly everything is falling in place. So with that, I am behind in my blog. What is the old adage? “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Well, I have been hell on wheels but my intentions are all good. I have plenty of thoughts going through my head; things I want to share with you. Since I just gave you a dissertation about being on my grind I think I will stick in that arena; [well] somewhat.

Listen, at the beginning of a new year the majority of us do the same thing whether or not we want to admit it or not. We make and define goals for ourselves to carry us throughout another 365 days. At the end we will determine the success of that year based on the attainment of said goals. Some of those goals will be big goals. For instance my big goal this year is to make a million dollars. Boom! I put that out into the universe and so shall it be. Right? No [blank stare]? If it were only that easy. My small goal is to stop eating chili cheese fries. Actually, if you know me I could probably tack that into the big goal category [raised eyebrow]. I digressed. Anyhoo, we have goals and we are only one month into the metaphorical game. The question is will we win?

Now let us go back to my goal of making a million dollars for a minute. If I did not make a million dollars last year then why would I think that I would make a million dollars this year? After all, I lost my money makin’ job due to corporate attrition at the end of last year. I still have not gotten a complete handle on my money management skills. I mean, in all fairness, I am okay unless I have to make a decision to visit the casino and make an attempt to flip a couple dollars or sit still and save it. What? Like I’m the only one [rolled eyes]. Five will get you fifty on a good day [lip curl]. If only all days were good. Again, I digressed [sigh]. Exactly what am I doing different to make my million dollars dream happen? Aside from the normal regiment of concocting a plan, writing stuff down [well, most of it] and putting my plan into action I have done what every person should do to prepare themselves for unfathomable success. I have restructured my team; changed up the whole roster. In sports speak – I had to bench some folks, cut some others, make some trades and pick up some super stars. Oh yeah, the superstars! You see one of the biggest problems we have from reaching our goals are the people who we [not only] surround ourselves with but also the people who we do not surround ourselves with. It is two fold. I think I have discussed enough the elimination of toxic folks. We did that death in 2014. You get it; we move forward. This year I present to you the concept that we [I include myself] can not discuss caviar dreams with someone who has only had tuna. Wait! I take that back. You can discuss it but it will be just that; a chit chat, a muck it up, a “what if we hit the lottery” type of exchange. It is a waste of time. And while there is nothing wrong with a dream discussion there is much more value in a plan of action. I encourage you to seek out individual who have what you want or are what you desire to be. Ask them how they¬†reached that goal. How did they maximize their potential? How did they seize the moment? Heck that is what I have and will continue to do. If you are making strides then I am stuck to your ass like an unwanted piece of toilet tissue [blank stare]. Too visual? You get my drift, though. You [we] need someone to look at our flow and gives us a yay or nay; a mentor. There it is. We need a mentor; a coach, if you will.

I seriously do not want anyone to perceive this as a “take” mentality because it truly is not. That is not what I am saying here. As much as we get we should give. That is why aligning yourself with the right team is important. I know it is going to sound corny but “teamwork makes the dream work”. You will have people on your team that need you but they need to be deserving of what you have to give; to share. Guidance, direction, and advice is priceless. In turn you have people on your team that you need to help you reach your fullest potential. You, too, should be deserving of the time, effort, energy and investment that someone pours into your life to propel you to new levels. It all goes back to the law of reciprocation. Haters, back-biters, liars, cheats and so on and so forth will never understand this concept. That is why we spent last year cutting them from our team. This year we will gravitate towards building a team of positivity, growth, inspiration and wealth. We will reach new heights and dreams will manifest. We will allow ourselves to be pulled in directions that are unfamiliar. We will reach back and direct a path that we, ourselves, have traveled before. I will make a million dollars this year. The people on my team believe me which makes it that much easier for me to be adamant about my moves. The people on my team are also movers and shakers; many of which I aspire to be like. Their abilities, logic, enthusiasm [in themselves] are inspiring. Watching their actions is like a pep talk to my psyche. It is motivating. I need that. You need that. And with that, check your roster, make adjustments and lets go get this win!

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