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Declare A New Year for Love

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Summer Willow Fitch
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Let me be the first to say – I have grown weary of New Year’s Resolutions (lol)! They seem contrived and made to be broken. Most people say they want to lose weight, make more money, finish a project…blah blah blah and the momentum that begins after all your NYE drinks wear off slowly diminishes around Valentine’s Day!

Oh but you really want to make those things happen, I know – but waiting an entire year to caulk a bathroom is pretty…well lazy. Waiting an entire year to close up that hole in your ceiling is…well tacky. Deciding you’re just gonna eat like a pig for the rest of the year (and its only February). I will lose weight next year and start your weight loss journey in the next calendar year is….well gluttonous.

GUESS HOW I KNOW….because I have been lazy, tacky and gluttonous. I have put things off that I know I need to do because I was not ready to face them. We all have dreams, goals and power embedded in our spirits – tasks to complete to get to the next level and changes to make to be a better you. Sometimes the fear of success and completion is real and it’s a monster. Many people have tasted success, smelled it or touched it with their bare hands but were too afraid to let go of the past and jump into it all with no parachute – no safety net.

Those who thwart their own happiness like this find or will find that it only leads to more of the same mediocre life they are trying to escape. It is better to act on your tasks and goals when they excite the pit of your belly. It is better to seize a moment of clarity immediately than to reject its glimmer because you are so used to the darkness.

Concentrate on making concrete declarations in love: be vigilant to mirror life’s desires and focus on completion in order to move to the next level. You can settle in your love life and let things go just like you could let a dripping faucet go. Don’t ever wait until it costs more to fix than to maintain.

  • You may have put off saying “I do” to the woman of your dreams because of fear. STOP. If you don’t do it someone else will.
  • You may procrastinate the ending of a toxic relationship because of your uncertainty of love in the future. DON’T. You made it before them and you will without them. There is someone else out there that will value what you have to give.
  • You may feel like you can control your partner’s choices in your relationship. YOU CAN’T. You cannot control anyone but you. If your partner makes decisions in the realms of your relationship that are a detriment to you or go against your plan for your life, let go.
  • You may feel spread thin trying to please everyone. NOPE – you cannot please everyone. Some folks will never like you and think the worst of you. Some people will rely on your strength so heavily life that you become depleted. You must take care of yourself first NO MATTER WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE TO OTHERS. Then find a balance that you are comfortable with and live happily – loving you first. When you love you it is so much easier to love others even when you have to say no.
  • You may be devastated because you lost love. DON’T BE! Find peace in your circumstances. Take all the time you need to get past the hurt. Do not move hastily – make sure you learned the lessons. Try to forgive those that hurt you.  You can do ANYTHING you want in life, including find happiness after hurt. Go for it.

Make a vow not to be lazy, tacky or gluttonous with love matters. Do not allow just anyone to be in your space – don’t be lazy get what you really want. Do not do people wrong and abuse their love for you – that is tacky. Just make the decisions that work best for you and be mature in your communication. Finally, do not become gluttonous or covetous with your desires – greed is ugly. You cannot be with everyone and do everything that opportunity lends to your life. You must choose wisely and discover all that is good, true and meaningful…not just everything you can get your hands on.

Live on purpose – Love on purpose! Declare your success – this is a NEW YEAR for love & Life!

With that being said, this is for your heart:

“The new year is not the time to improve life and love; the perfect time to make necessary changes,  is the instant you become conscious of its urgency for your happiness.”

…but if all else fails, drink this and start again. I am at least certain you will finish this drink.

PT Love (perfect timing) 

6 oz pineapple juice
6 oz mango nectar
1 oz coconut vodka
2 oz coconut rum
1/2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 cups ice

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Serve and garnish with FRESH fruit.

Are You Drinking or Thinking?
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