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How to Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…Solo

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(Mixologist /Author/ Entrepreneur)Summer Willow Fitch has 20+ years of dexterity as a writer and editor with roots in music composition and business writing. Her literary contributions have been featured in major trade magazines, blogs and published books. Summer Willow is also a highly sought after Mixologist who founded SummerWillow.com. Her career behind-the-bar afforded her countless years of armchair therapy experience and influenced her first published book titled, "Let Me Tell You Like I Told Myself: Love’s Truth Never Changes". Summer Willow holds an MBA with an Entrepreneurship focus from Eastern University and is a small business advocate currently producing and taping the ‘Whachadrinkin’ Vlog Series to be released, January 2016. ‘Whachadrinkin’ is a cocktail cooking show and interview series highlighting entrepreneurs and change-makers.
Summer Willow Fitch
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Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Here comes that special holiday where the seasoned couples take their gift giving up (or down) a notch, new lovers get their first taste of what love can be like and those who don’t have a significant other or have recently experienced heartbreak will; watch others get all sentimental and mushy in laughter, in awe, or in tears.

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for those who do not have a romantic partner or who have recently experienced a break up. If you are single and happy– then KUDOS to you! Some really need your strength. I am talking however, to those of you who find it hard to watch your ex-lover give gifts and show appreciation to their new love interests; especially if you have not moved on. Or those who tell everyone else they do not care about the holiday to save face, but cry uncontrollably in the dark on this day. I am talking to those of you who want love and hate to be reminded of the fact that you have not found it and become cynical or down-right rude to folks who have love in their lives!

I want you to take a deep breath (woo-sah) and continue reading as I have eight (The number 8 is the great Karmic Equalizer) tips to help you make it through this Valentine’s season! Here goes:

  1. Stay Off of Social Media – Oh delicate heart, the last thing you need to do on Valentine’s day is surf social media. Unless brutal truth is your therapy, you do not need to see your ex, some new person you like, or even total strangers posting pictures of their Valentine’s Day rewards. Spare yourself the agony!
  2. Send a Gift of Love to a Friend or Family Member – The best way to experience love is to show it. Remember, love is not just romantic and you can express true love and appreciation to the people in your life who actually DO hold you in high regard. Send a card and a gift to your mom, your favorite uncle or to your best friend. Seeing them smile could turn your frown upside-down!
  3. Go Out on a Date With Someone Who Likes You – If you have recently been heart broken or avoid relationships and dating because of the pain associated with break-up’s- this is a sure way to start getting over the hurt. Unless you are a total asshole, someone likes you [I hope]. Someone has been hinting that they are interested in dating you but you shrug it off. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for single folks to accept advances or reach out to a potential dating partner that you have had your eye on. You never know – you may have a BLAST!
  4. Catalog Your Love-able Qualities – Don’t beat yourself up because you are single. This does not mean that there is something wrong with you. The relationships that did not work out are in the past! Leave them there. Do not believe all the bad things that others think of you…what do you think of yourself? If you do think there are things that you need to change about your personality to make you more appealing – Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to dedicate yourself to personal improvement.
  5. Have One Last Cry – There is absolutely nothing wrong with crying. Crying allows you to purge emotions that your heart feels and your mind can not express. Crying is cleansing and I encourage it. However, if you have been crying for a while…let this be your last cry! Let it all go –  and move on to a better tomorrow.
  6. Treat Yourself to Dinner – Date yourself! Who says you can not treat yourself to dinner and gifts on Valentine’s Day? It takes a strong person to make a reservation for one and enjoy a meal alone! It takes true self love and self acceptance to embrace YOU for all that you are and not wait for someone to do it. If you can not bear going out alone don’t – no need in crying or going on a drunk rant out in public…but surely do something nice for yourself. Don’t you deserve it?
  7. Forgive your Ex and Yourself– If you are still crying about lost or failed love, you may not have let go. Forgive your ex for hurting you. Forgive yourself for hurting them (if you did) and move on in life. I am a romantic at heart; I would even venture to say that if you still love your ex and they have not moved on – you may be able to rekindle lost love. Just know that tears and pain from the past means that it is still a part of your present mind. Either you need to trash those feelings once and for all or really explore what could be your truest happiness.
  8. Continue to be open to Love – So what you are single? SO WHAT! Do not close yourself up to love. DO not write it off because you have not been successful yet.  You can have all that you desire if you believe that you are worth it and work toward it. You are not the sum of your failures and weaknesses. You are the sum of the love and strength that lives inside – unleash it and cultivate. You will lose it if you don’t use it.

…And with that said, this is for your heart

” Even if you have lost your greatest love, you have not lost life. However, you will lose the ability to live your greatest life if you close your heart after losing love.”

…but if all else fails, drink this and pass out (it’s only 24 hours, it will be over soon)

Sleeping Pill

1/2 oz Absolut Kurant
1/4 oz Grand Marnier
1/4 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur
1/4 oz Midori melon liqueur
1/4 oz Malibu rum
1/4 oz Amaretto
1/2 oz Cranberry juice
1/4 oz Pineapple juice

Shake and  Strain into a rocks glass. Drink 2 -4 glasses and cut the lights off!

Are You Drinking or Thinking?
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