Who is supposed to check the assistant that over steps her bounds?

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Tyema Sanchez

Tyema Sanchez

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Tyema Sanchez

Yandy Smith has always received recognition for being the calmest person featured on “Love and Hip Hop, New York,” and applauded for trying to uplift and support women. This season “Girl empowerment” goes out the door when it comes to Mendeecees’ relationship with his assistant Remy.

On the latest episode, Yandy expressed her disapproval for the relationship that Remy has displayed on social media platforms and she definitely didn’t give the green light regarding her “on the clock” work attire and said she has “stalker-like” tendencies.

Yes, we all know that 75% of reality television is scripted, but nevertheless I’m curious to know how women/men would deal with this issue in their relationships.

The question of the day is: Does a woman bear the right to approach her man’s employees about their conduct and work attire? Does it indicate a sign of insecurity and jealousy?

Let’s Discuss!

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